About Me

Welcome to Zyland Arts Blog

I’m Michelle Perkins and I would like to share how I began.

Since, I can remember, I have always had a passion for Art.  Sometime later, I had a desire to quilt. I didn’t know that you could incorporate Art into Quilts, neither had I heard the term “Art Quilts.” Plus, I had no previous sewing background.

So, I started my own business retailing Arts and Crafts created by other Artists.  I quickly became an Art vendor at many different shows.  Much later, I learned how to sew a Quillow.  I made and sold those Quillows at shows.

One day, I met a lady in a fabric store and I expressed my desire to learn how to quilt.  This lady told me where and with whom to take a quilt class.  If I ever see her again, I would love to thank her.

I took that quilt class in 2004 and never looked back.  I learned how to make a North Star quilt.  For six years, I made traditional quilts and sold them. I also made quilts for family and friends.   I have been blessed to have had my quilts exhibited. 

I enjoyed traditional quilting, but my passion and desire lead me to making “Art Quilts”.  To me, an Art quilt expands my creativity.   Along that line, I created several patterns (see the shop section on my website). 

My studio is a spare bedroom where the sun comes up in the morning.  I really enjoy watching a “sunrise”.  While creating in my studio, I design each piece as I see.   All my thoughts and ideas just come to me.


Michelle Perkins